Mercury Toxicity & Autism

In this interview, Professor Boyd Haley (Department of Biochemistry, University of Kentucky Medical Center) discusses mercury toxicity as a causal factor in Autism. He also discusses the two primary sources of mercury toxicity: vaccines & dental amalgams. Dr. Haley has testified as an expert witness at government hearings on the issue of the health hazards of mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam. F.A.I.R. Autism Media, 2006.


Quecksilber: The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam

This is an abbreviated version of “Quecksilber: The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam”, a documentary produced by Robert Gammal,  BDS. It was made for the lay person but is fully referenced, and appropriate for persons at all levels of knowledge. The documentary shows, visually and informatively, how no amount of mercury is safe in the body.

VIDEO: Gammal R. Quecksilber: The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam. 


Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

See with your own eyes how mercury vapor escapes from dental amalgam.  It’s odorless, colorless, and tasteless, but it casts a shadow in black light!  Over thirty minutes of new material has been added to this updated version, including interviews with several experts and IAOMT members, and a demonstration of safe amalgam removal. Great for showing patients and a great tool for teaching.  Anyone who has seen this before NEEDS to see it again.

VIDEO: Kennedy D. Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas. Abbreviated version. IAOMT, 2002.



What’s In Your Mouth?

Two European countries have now banned mercury amalgam fillings, and America’s health regulator recently issued new advice about how they may harm pregnant women and developing children, so why do British officials seem unconcerned? Morland Sanders asks whether a mouth full of metal ccould be affecting your health. ITV Tonight (UK). February 16, 2009.



KJ’s Story: 15 Year-Old Poisoned By Mercury Fillings

September 16, 2008, K.J. Phenezy turned 15 years young. K. J. is the only child of a single, business woman and they lived a great life. Their home sat on a hill overlooking beautiful city lights in San Diego County. Their property was full of flowers, fruits, palm trees with a lovely swimming pool and jacuzzi that they never used. K. J. had a theater room to play Xbox 360 with his friends, dogs, basketball, movie nights with friends and trips to the mall. K.J. was (and still is) a smart, happy, loving young man who stayed out of trouble.

K.J was a very healthy 15 years old. He had never had the flu or even a flu shot. He hadn’t required an antibiotic since he was a baby with an ear infection. As one of the star players on his basketball team, K.J. often played an entire game without resting. He was the epitome of health.

K.J. was finally ready to overcome his fear of the dentist so he could get braces for his teeth. On October 8, 2008, his mom took him to a local chain dentist in San Diego County. They placed two amalgams (a.k.a. silver fillings) in his right upper and lower molars. 3 days later, K.J. was ill with a fever of 102 – 102.9 for 3 days. His fever was accompained by chills and sweat. Except for the lack of mucus, it appeared as though K.J. had the flu.

It turned out that K.J.’s fever was a warning sign that something drastic was happening to his body. A few days after his fever broke, K.J. woke up with a swollen lip. The swell dissipated after a couple of hours. The next day it was a swollen jaw, then eyelid. The swelling began on the right side of his face where the new fillings were located. T. M. Phenezy (K.J.s Mom) asked the hospital to check for mercury poisoning. Recognizing the correlation, his mom took him to see his primary care doctor. She asked his doctor about the fillings, but her thoughts were quickly dismissed. She was told that silver fillings do not make people sick!

K.J.’s symptopms continued to escalate. By December 13, 2008, he was admitted to the children’s hospital in San Diego. K.J. received 2 blood transfusions and numerous tests. T. M. Phenezy had researched the amalgams and found that they were primarily mercury, not silver. She found that there was undisputed and admitted evidence that the mercury leaks from the amalgam compound and enters the bloodstream. They tested his blood and did not find an elevated mercury level. NO MERCURY POISONING? What T. M. Phenezy did not know at the time was that a blood test is one of the least efficient ways to test for chronic mercury poisoning.

K.J. was finalyy diagnosed with lupus in December 08, Stage V nephritis (a kidney disease) in January 09 and by March 9, 2009, K.J. was in a wheel chair, diagnosed with neuropathy (nerve damage). His symptoms continued to escalate although K.J. was on the proper mediation.

T. M. Phenezy (K.J.’s Mom and CEO of The National Patient Advocate Institute) began researching diligently. What she found shocked her. Amalgams were banned in other countries and Canada had placed restrictions on its use. The U.S. had never required the manufacturers to prove its safety. They were simply grandfathered in. She also found that some people lose the ability to excrete the mercury, so it gets stored in their tissues, causing more harm.

K.J.’s mercury fillings were safely removed on March 19, 2008. Some of his symptoms went away or improved, but he was still in a wheel chair. The Children’s Hospital of San Diego’s doctors refused to consider the evidence and research. His mom decided to pack up, sell the home and try an out of state hospital. Any hospital that would listen!

On April 30, 2009, K.J was admitted into Lebonheur’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The once healthy 15 y.o. was frail due to losing 30 pounds. He lost that weight even on 60 – 120 mg of steroids a day. For 16 days, Lebonheur’s tried all their conventional medicines for lupus, nephritis, and neuropathy. They poked, prodded and ran numerous labs. K.J. was getting weaker. He couldn’t stand, walk, or roll over in bed. K.J. couldn’t even wiggle his toes and he was no longer ticklish under his feet. The nerve damage was worse. They assigned him a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.

T. M. Phenezy inudated Lebonheurr’s doctors with research every moment they were in the room. Some wouldn’t listen, but she talked anyway. She was sure it was the mercury! On day 16, May 15, 2009, the Attending Physician entered the room and said that Lebonheur’s Children’s Hospital would treat K.J. for mercury poisoning. Lebonheur’s hospital had never treated a patient for mercury poisoning due to amalgams, so they had to do a lot of research.

Ms. Phenezy was told not to expect any results. Chelation therapy for mercury poisoning began that evening and the very next morning, May 16, 2009, K.J. was able to stand with the aide of a bedside table! Miracle? May 17, 2009, K.J. was pushing his wheelchair down the hall. He continued to improve and was released to inpatient physical therapy to strenghten his muscles and walk without assistance again.

Today, according to hospital lab tests, K.J. is still fighting lupus, but miracoulsy has no signs of neuropathy. He also has no visual signs of lupus. Due to strong advocating, educating and research by T. M. Phenezy, her once seriously ailing son is walking, running, laughing and working on building new friendships in a new state.



Poison In The Mouth

Startling documentary shows evidence of brain damage from mercury in silver amalgam fillings. Most dentists who deny mercury is harmful, will remove them without precautions and can cause a relapse or an equivalent of over 10 years mercury exposure in one go if they drill them out, so if you think you need to remove and replace them, be sure to search out a qualified dentist who uses correct procedures to remove & replace them with safe alternatives like ceramic fillings, or else leave them in until they need replacing if you have had them for ages, and get ceramic ones or a safe alternative to mercury amalgam.

The IAOMT gives guidelines for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings in a safe way, as you will need to go on a mercury detox program before and after taking them out to rid your body of the amount of mercury you will absorb during extraction, as no matter how many precautions taken, you will still be exposed to very high levels, so will need detox, but be careful, research this well if you decide to take action, as you can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing, you have been warned.

BBC – PANORAMA – Poison in the Mouth (1994)


Wake Up America: Mercury, The FDA & The Truth

The  FDA (U S Food and Drug Administration) has declared mercury safe for the food supply, claiming that there is no danger in consuming mercury in fish. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has however declared mercury to be toxic to human consumption. Studies have connected mercury with neurological brain disorders including autism and MS.

VIDEO: Wake Up America: Mercury, The FDA & The Truth. PsycheTruth.


How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

This dramatic video from the University of Calgary illustrates how the smallest quantities of mercury can destroy growing nerve cells. Abbreviated version.

VIDEO: Lorscheider FL, Leong CW, Syed NI. How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration. Calgary: Dept. of physiology and Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary.


Mercury Undercover

“Mercury Undercover” unveils the dirty truth about the dangers of mercury and how people have no clue about this health hazard. This film by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya exposes the cause and effect of the well-hidden evidence of mercury contamination as seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmental experts and mercury-poisoned survivors.


The film “Mercury Undercover” is produced by Powerlunch Production, a video production company, in Dallas, Texas.


Stream Mercury UndercoverStream Film – For problems with the online rental, please contact                                                                              …

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Letter To The Deans Of Dentistry

This is an open letter from  Robert Gammal, BDS (July 2011): “Dental students are the only students who are routinely poisoned by mercury, the third most toxic, non-radioactive substance known, without their knowledge or consent.  Only arsenic and lead are more toxic than mercury.  The consequences are horrific.” Dr. Gammal is secretary of the Australian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (ASOMAT), and a member of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM).

Read The Letter