Mad Child Disease (Lecture)

Is the autism epidemic a “mad child disease” linked to mercury? This lecture was presented by Boyd Haley, Ph.D. at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness held in San Diego, California; June 2004.

Thimerosal (Ethylmercury), Vaccines and Autism

Charlie Crist, the Governor of Florida alarmed at the growing rate of Autism and its effect on the children and families of the State of Florida as well as the economic impact on healthcare and educational systems, commissioned by Executive Order 08-36 (March 7, 2008) the Autism Task Force, a broad Panel of individuals from both private and public sectors, to examine and evaluate the risks to the children and economy of the State of Florida.

On September 24-25, 2008 Governor Crist’s Task Force on Autism Spectrum Disorders convened at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. These are highlights from the two day conference.

The use of thimerosal (ethylmercury), a preservative used in vaccinations, was the hot topic of the two day conference.


Mercury and its compounds are hazardous to humans.

Ethylmercury, mercury’s most dangerous compound, is used extensively in vaccines as a preservative and anti-bacterial agent.



Immunoexcitotoxicity and Autism Spectrum Disorders (Lecture)

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock (born 1945) is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. He is a former clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is currently a visiting professor in the biology department at Belhaven College.

The autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of related neurodevelopmental disorders that have been increasing in incidence since the 1980s. Despite a considerable amount of data being collected from cases, a central mechanism has not been offered. A careful review of ASD cases discloses a number of events that adhere to an immunoexcitotoxic mechanism. This mechanism explains the link between excessive vaccination, use of aluminium and ethylmercury as vaccine adjuvants, food allergies, gut dysbiosis, and abnormal formation of the developing brain.



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Vaccine Nation

In the United States, the number of mandatory vaccine injections has risen to 36 per child. Each of these injections contains neurotoxins such as aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, animal by-products, heavy metals, and many others. What happens to a child’s fragile immune system when it’s overloaded with these toxins? From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our ChildrenGulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. – comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation (2008).

For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases – Right? Wrong! What you don’t know can harm you or kill you! In this groundbreaking film, you will: See the truth about the dangers of vaccines and their direct relationship to autoimmune diseases, infections, allergies and a massive increase of developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children, such as Autism. Discover the truth about the history of vaccines and how they have NEVER been proven to be safe and effective for anyone. Witness the legacy of governmental deception and cover-ups associated with vaccines.

Learn about the corruption within the scientific community and how vaccine studies are seriously flawed. You’ll also follow heart-wrenching, real life stories of the parents and children devastated by the effects of vaccines. Join director Gary Null PhD and over 40 of the worlds foremost vaccine experts in this shocking expose’ that will shatter the truth as you know it.



The Mercury Autism Cover-Up

Since the 1990s, there has been a tenfold or 1000-percent increase in autism. This increase in reported autism cases eerily parallels the increase in the number and frequency of thimerosal-containing vaccinations administered to infants.

Thimerosal is a preservative used in many vaccines, and contains about 50 percent mercury.

Despite removal of thimerosal from many childhood vaccines, it is still routinely added international to some formulations of influenza vaccine administered to infants, as well as to several other vaccines administered to older children and adults.

The biggest problem with all of this is calling it autism. The government was brilliant in coming up with a diagnosis that so mirrored mercury poisoning and vaccine injury so it could be debated until the cows come home and no one will ever have to take responsibility so the immunization program could continue on and on. If everyone who felt their child was truly vaccine injured stopped called their children autistic but rather vaccine injured, we would be in a much different place. There is too much to debate where autism comes from. But there is no debate of where a vaccine injury comes from.

Amy M. Carson, Co-Founder
Moms Against Mercury

We need to call this epidemic what it is, massive vaccine damage to our children. We need to point out the exceptionally high infant and child death rates in the USA as compared to the rest of the similar advanced countries. It is amazing that our child (up to 5 years of age) death rate is 6.7 per 1,000 whereas Singapore has a rate of 2.5 per 1,000. That is 4.2 more deaths in the USA per 1,000 and we have about 4.25 million births a year. Multiply it out, then get angry and call your congressman. The numbers make the world trade center disaster seem small by comparison. Note also, that the child death rate is also quite high for higher income white families which proves that it is not lack of food or access to medical care that is causing this high death rate. We need answers and we need them immediately. Certainly, our CDC knows what these children are dying of, either infectious diseases indicating the vaccines are not working or neurological illnesses (seizures, asthma, etc.) indicating the vaccines may be trading one type of illness for another. No matter, this issue needs congressional attention and we need the facts.

Boyd E. Haley, PhD
Professor Emeritus

University of Kentucky
Chemistry Department

Mercury, Autism And The Global Vaccine Agenda

Why is the rate of autism, asthma, and Alzheimer’s disease increasing in the U.S.? Why does one in 6 American children have a neurodevelopmental abnormality? Is the influenza vaccine administered in the U.S. safe and effective? Is thimerosal safe and effective? Are the childhood vaccines being administered in third-world countries safe and effective? What do the scientific studies reveal? Does exposure to mercury influence fertility? Why do the people who support population reduction advocate world-wide vaccination programs? Do they have a hidden agenda? This video by Dr. David Ayoub answers those, and many other questions (Radio Liberty, 2006).

Mercury Toxicity & Autism

In this interview, Professor Boyd Haley (Department of Biochemistry, University of Kentucky Medical Center) discusses mercury toxicity as a causal factor in Autism. He also discusses the two primary sources of mercury toxicity: vaccines & dental amalgams. Dr. Haley has testified as an expert witness at government hearings on the issue of the health hazards of mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam. F.A.I.R. Autism Media, 2006.