Free Access to the Proceedings of the EFP – AAP Workshop in Periodontology

Journal of Clinical Periodontology
Editor: M. Tonetti, Italy
Associate Editors
T. Berglundh, Sweden
I. Chapple, UK
S. Jepsen, Germany
P. Papapanou, USA
M. Quirynen, Belgium
M. Sanz, Spain
F. Schwarz, Germany
P. Sharpe, UK
Impact Factor: 2.996
ISI Journal Citation Reports©
Ranking: 2011: 5/81 (Dentistry Oral Surgery & Medicine)
This landmark event with experts from Europe and the US took place in La Granja, Spain in November 2012. The meeting’s aim was to create a background of evidence-based reviews and consensus reports that established the associations between periodontitis and systemic diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.The focus was to translate the state of the science (biological mechanisms, epidemiological data and results of intervention trials) into specific recommendations for practitioners, policy makers and the public and identify specific areas that require further research.This supplement of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology features papers from 4 working groups and consensus reports on the same topics

Working Group 1: Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontitis
Working Group 2: Diabetes and Periodontitis
Working Group 3: Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (APOs) and Periodontitis
Working Group 4: Other Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pulmonary Diseases, Cancer) and Periodontitis
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