Submission (Underkastelsen)

Submission (Underkastelsen) is a Swedish documentary (2010) about the war against ourselves and humanity’s ability to survive it. Hear testimonies from 23 world leading professors, of the threat that surrounds us and in us, and which could wipe out humanity long before epidemics, war or climate change.

Swedish filmmaker Stefan Jarl is concerned about today’s “chemical society.” At the time of World War II, humans used 1 million tons of chemicals per year; today the amount has risen to 500 million tons. The chemical business is the fastest-growing industry on the planet.

This revealing documentary explores 100,000 chemicals encountered daily, from softeners (phthalates) to flame retardants (PBDE) to surfactants (PFOS, PFOA), and the hundreds of foreign chemicals revealed to be present in Jarl’s own blood.

The film examines the known effects of these chemicals and questions of how and why individuals are willing to submit themselves to such hazards. Website for the documentary.

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