Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials claim vaccines are safe and effective. Is that true? If vaccines are safe, why did the incidence of autism increase from one case of autism in 10,000 American children to one case of autism in 150 American children after the massive childhood vaccination program began? If childhood vaccines are safe, why are 560,000 vaccinated children afflicted with autism while nonvaccinated Amish and Mennonite children rarely have the disease? Why has the incidence of asthma, allergies, autoimmune disease, Type I diabetes, and neurologic conditions dramatically increased in vaccinated children?

Why do obstetricians give pregnant women influenza vaccines that contain a toxic dose of mercury? Why do newborn children receive Hepatitis B vaccine in the nursery when there is no medical justification for the immunization?

Dr. Russell Blaylock (born 1945) is a board certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer. He is a former clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is currently a visiting professor in the biology department at Belhaven College. His discussion addresses those, and many other, issues. If you are concerned about your health, and the health of your family, you must watch this video.

This lecture was given in October 2008 at the Radio Liberty Seminar.



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  1. Just to update to more real numbers, CDC has admitted to 1 in 5 children now having a Neurological Impairment and 1 in 6 now have a form of Developmental Disability so I have heard. This was surely not the case before the US passed a law blocking people from suing vaccine makers when their children had . seizures, developed Autism or died as a result of vaccines. Kids went from 6 vaccines to 70 beginning in the late 80’s and into the 90’s. What are we waiting for. Good men are standing around and doing nothing. Science without ConScience.

    Shelley Tzorfas

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