Causes and Biomedial Therapies for Autism and PDD. 

This is an authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-read resource guide to a wide range of therapies that have been useful in the treatment of autism including antifungal and antibacterial therapies, gluten and casein restriction, homeopathy, vitamin therapy, gamma globulin treatment, transfer factor therapies, treatment of food allergies, and alternatives to antibiotic therapy. The information in this book may be useful not only in the field of autism but also in virtually any disorder in which some of the symptoms of autism are sometimes or frequently present.

The author of this book, Dr. William Shaw, received a Ph.D. in biochemistry and human physiology, and is board certified in Immunology and Toxicology. He is known worldwide for his research and for speaking at conferences in the field of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Dr. Shaw is the founder and director of The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. in Lenexa, Kansas, a laboratory specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders of adults and children. Dr. Shaw has been actively involved with both the Defeat Autism Now! and Autism Speaks groups. He is a board member of the National Academy for Child Development. In 1998 he published this book for the first time, and it has since been translated into nine languages. His book has helped thousands of parents and physicians to successfully contribute to improve the lives of countless children and adults on the autistic spectrum.

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