In 1941, a patient could receive 40,000 units of penicillin per day for 4 days and be cured of a case of Pneumococcal pneumonia. Today a patient could be given 24,000,000 units of penicillin per day and still may die of Pneumococcal meningitis. We are presently witnessing a massive, unprecedented, evolutionary change in bacteria. The misuse of antibiotics in health care is the main reason attributed to antibiotic resistance.


Dr. Khem Shahani (1923 -2001) was one of the world’s leading research authorities on the role of Lactobacilli and gastrointestinal bacteria. He published more than 200 peer reviewed scientific articles related to microorganisms and health. During his tenure at UNL, Dr Shahani isolated, developed and optimized the exceptional DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus. He founded Nebraska Cultures, Inc., where he developed strains of friendly flora for use as dietary supplements, was consultant to the World Health Organization, and received numerous awards for his work. Se also article about Dr Shahani on Wikipedia.


“Friendly Bacteria”: The Secret Ingredient to Everyday Good Health

Cultivate Health from Within: Dr. Shahani’s Guide to Probiotics (2005), an educational, eye-opening book on probiotics, is the culmination of four decades of scientific research by Dr. Khem Shahani. Recognized as the foremost pioneer in probiotics, Dr. Shahani’s studies to determine the value of probiotics to humankind resulted in his discovery of the DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus, which was followed by decades of research proving its superior beneficial properties on our overall health.

Cultivate Health from Within is the culmination of his life’s work. This comprehensive, easy to read book provides a straightforward discussion of such questions as:

  • Is the overuse of antibiotics in America resulting in a strain of ‘superbugs,’ which are attacking the general population?

One of the greatest medical advances in the twentieth century is the discovery and use of antibiotics, which are considered to be the ‘drug of choice’ against bacterial and fungal infections. However, we are presently witnessing a massive, unprecedented, evolutionary change in bacteria. The misuse of antibiotics in health care is the main reason attributed to antibiotic resistance. ‘The American Public is drowning in an ocean of antibiotics,’ Dina Khader, M.S, CDN.

  • How do probiotics build your immune system?

When the human intestinal system gets out of balance, the unfriendly bacteria produce toxic substances that have detrimental effects on the overall system’s health and function. Probiotics help replenish the amount of ‘healthy bacteria’ in the gut, keeping your body healthy and able to fight off sickness.

  • How do probiotics counteract the effects of stress and anxiety?

Prolonged stress responses can shift the balance of friendly bacteria toward more pathogenic species. This shift can be counteracted through the use of probiotics.

  • How do the circadian rhythms of the human body impact the ecology in the human gut?

Intestinal microflora are influenced directly by circadian rhythms. To be healthy and have a balanced internal ecology, we need to get plenty of sunshine during the day and sleep at night.

  • What are doctors not telling you about probiotic supplements?

Dr. Nigel Plummer, a UK expert on lactic acid bacteria, recommends that any good probiotic supplement should contain at least 1 billion viable cells per daily dose, include an expiration date, contain human L. acidophilus and bifidobacteria, be able to tolerate stomach acid and bile and be capable of colonizing the human intestine.

  • Are all probiotics alike?

During the past 25 years, ongoing research on probiotics with more than 200 acidophilus products from the U.S. and abroad were examined. Up to 80% did not measure up to numerical claims, and in fact, nearly half had less than 10% of the claimed ingredients.

Cultivate Health from Within on Google Books


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